Auto Maintenance

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4 DIY Auto Maintenance Tips

Having your own vehicle is a big investment, which means keeping up on auto maintenance is essential to maximize the car’s lifespan. There are plenty of things you can do for your car without having to make expensive appointments at auto repair shops and dealerships, however. These four maintenance tips will help you get the most from your vehicle and investment in owning one.

Wash & Wax Your Car

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This step is important even if you live in a climate that gets frequent rain, as the daily grind can do a number on your car’s body. Paint may seem like it’s a cosmetic item designed just for looks, but it also protects your vehicle from rust, UV sun damage, and harmful chemicals. These chemicals build up on your car’s exterior while you drive around and get deposited by winds, rain, and other environmental factors. Regular cleaning and polishing with car-safe soaps and waxes keep your vehicle both looking its best and protected from the elements.

Vacuum Regularly

Lots of people like that new-car or clean-car smell, and that scent is a lot more likely to stay around if you keep your car vacuumed and trash-free. Vacuuming gets out the dirt, dust, mold, mildew, food pieces, allergens, and other toxins that accrue in your floor mats and seats over time, all of which can start to give off an unpleasant odor if not removed. This is especially important if your vehicle is also used to transport pets or children, as they have the potential to track in additional messes.

Keep Interior Of Vehicle Clean

Many people use their cars the way the used to use bedroom closets when they were growing up: as catch alls for things they use often or don’t have a place for elsewhere. You might have spare shoes, clothes, gym clothes, snacks, papers, books, music, maps, and more rolling around each time you take a turn. You also might have empty drink bottles, food wrappers, and other items that could be thrown out or recycled. Take 10 to 15 minutes to sort through what you’re keeping in your vehicle, organize what needs to stay using a trunk organizer, and designate a spot for in-transit garbage that you will remember to empty when you leave.

Plan Routine Auto Maintenance

You’re a busy person who likely lives by a schedule, but that just means you need to make sure you are carving out specified time for car maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle will alleviate wear and tear, breaking down and requiring towing services. Keeping your car looking its best requires a few minutes each week to declutter and vacuum, plus perhaps one good exterior cleaning and waxing every few weeks. Don’t have time to hand wash and wax? Take your vehicle through a reputable car wash and pay a little extra for the good wax at the end. 

It doesn’t take much to protect your vehicle investment and maximize its longevity, especially considering you spend so much time in it throughout your busy week. A little care and elbow grease is all you need for DIY Auto maintenance, and you will never regret having taken the time.